Choosing a Memorial

“We understand how important this decision is to you. We are here to help you every step of the way”

Some things to consider before making your choice:


Although Churchyard and Cemetery regulations do vary from place to place, cemeteries do not restrict the colour of material or its finish and the full range of materials featured on our website will be acceptable. Portland Stone, York Stone, Purbeck Stone, Slate and the lighter Grey Granites are all of durable quality and widely used by church authorities everywhere. It is important that the memorials erected should harmonise with their surroundings.


Examples of materials can be seen on the Granite and Stone Samples page. Each of these materials has individual characteristics which should be taken into consideration when making your choice. For example; Granite will weather better over time than sandstone, Marble may stain easily if anything acidic touches it, some granites are more porous than others and will become darker when wet etc. We can offer guidance on all of these materials and their suitability to your needs.


You will see different examples of lettering on the inscriptions, fonts and verses page. The use of gold leaf for the inscriptions is common however painted letters, raised bronze letters and flush lead may also be considered in certain situations. Again our expert advice will ensure that you are fully informed on the choices available to you.


Understanding the maintenance requirements of different materials may help you make the right choice at the beginning of the process as well as ensuring that your memorial stays in the best possible condition over the coming years. We do offer a grave tending service where we can service the grave up to 4 times a year.